OOTD // denim skirt 

As I’m writing this article, I just got back from two weeks in Birmingham. Before I left, I did a lot of online shopping and I took almost all of my new clothes in my luggage. Which happened to be quite colorful (for once) so each time I had to pick an outfit it wasn’t that easy to mix the different pieces together. It was even harder when I decided to buy a new pair of pink trainers from the Ellesse brand because, let’s be honest, I couldn’t wear those shoes with my electric blue t-shirt and my green overall. But as you can tell by the pictures, I still managed to wear those by wearing a dark denim skirt and a black (again) top. For me, a dark denim skirt – or trousers, or wathever you want, – is one of the best alternative to replace black clothes from your closet.

I bought this skirt last year at Miss Selfridge when I was In London but since then I haven’t worn it often because I always feel a bit « boring » while wearing it. So I think the pink trainers add a little fun to the outfit without getting too much out of my comfort zone (which I’m totally not against by the way).

Let me know if you liked this outfit and what are your plans for the holidays?

PS: I’m not totally fluent in English so if you notice any mistakes, let me know 🙂


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